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M E S Kunil school is located in the serene sylvan retreat of Kunil Nagar, perched on a small hillock overlooking the sea.. Kunil Nagar is situated near Muttam gate in Shiriya village which is easily accessible both by Rail and Road ( Kasaragod to Mangalore Route).

Dr. Fakhruddin Kunil of Kunil Nagar established the Kunil School on 14th June 1990. The honourable minister for education of Kerala Sri K Chandrashekaran laid the foundation stone for the new block on 25th November 1990.

The Kunil School has obtained composite affiliation for it’s classes ( class I to XII affiliation no 930199) from the CBSE. English is the first language, Hindi is the second language and Malayalam is the third language including Computer Education also.

Affiliation Details

Extension of Affiliation
Up to March 2021


The Kunil School has been upholding its objectives over the past years with a wide secular outlook. The School headed by experienced Principal and supported by Teaching staff who compromise the teaching and non teaching discipline and academic excellence is maintained. The school has ensured better administrative service by appointing a full time administrator directly responsible for all administrative functions which include all non academic matter of the school. There are campus supervisors and Transport Supervisors for the smooth function.